Lesson Plan


Learning area : Animals
Learning Objective : Pupils should Learn the different foods that animals eat.

Learning Outcome : At the end of the lesson, pupils will able to :-

i- List of foods eaten by some animals.

ii- State that some animals eat plants, eat other animals and eat plants and other animals.

Science Process Skills : Observing, Communicating

Duration : 60 minutes

Materials : Picture of animals, Video, worksheet

Noble value and scientific value :

i- Being Thankful to God

ii- Being Cooperatative


Step 1

Introduction Set -

Teacher show a picture chart of animals.

Step 2-

Teacher show the movie.
Step 3-
Teacher asks pupils the food eaten by some animals.

Step 4-
Teacher divides the pupils into 3 groups.

Step 5-

Teacher ask pupils to come in the front to present their work.
Step 6 -
Colouring Activities.

Teacher distributes the worksheet.